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DURAG Pilot Burner & Burner Products

Hegwein Pilot Burners and Burners are available to meet the needs of your installation. Our on-line mpeg video (3.0 MB) demonstrates the ZDA series igniter in operation. Features include:

  • Solid, heavy-duty construction for reliable operation and long life
  • Custom igniter tube lengths
  • Dependable built-in spark transformer and flame monitoring capabilities
  • Igniters for natural gas, propane, butane, diesel,
    and many custom fuel types are available
  • Low maintenance
  • Stainless steel components available for corrosive environments
  • Explosion-proof version available
  • Compact design allows easy retraction

Which model is best for your application?

Our sales offices will be happy to discuss your application and find the best model to meet your requirements.

  Download a PDF of the Combustion Controls and Accessories Catalog

  Download a PDF of the Gas Burner Catalog

  Download a PDF of the Gas Igniter Catalog

  Download a PDF of the Oil and Oil/Gas Igniter Catalog